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Few businesses can survive without good legal advice. At Hulse & Wynter, we are proud to serve as trusted, reliable advisors for our business clients. We take the time to understand each client’s unique legal needs and put each business on sound legal footing.

The following are among the business law services provided at Hulse & Wynter:

Entity formation: For new businesses, we help founders decide whether a corporation, a limited liability company, or another legal structure is the optimal way to organize their business. We draft the appropriate  entity formation documents to achieve the founders’ business objectives.

Corporate governance: We provide advice and support to business owners on a full range of corporate governance issues. We draft shareholder, partnership, and operating agreements with the objective of promoting business efficiency and minimizing disputes among owners.

Registrations and tax accounts: We assist businesses in obtaining necessary registrations and creating accounts with federal, state, and local taxing authorities.

Commercial real estate leases: We negotiate and draft commercial real estate leases, ensuring that each lease meets our client’s current and future business needs.

Business financing: For clients requiring operating capital, we assist with business loan negotiations and investor financing.

Sale and purchase of businesses: We advise on, and draft agreements for, the purchase and sale of existing businesses and/or their assets.

Key business contracts: We draft the contracts businesses need when dealing with suppliers, customers, and employees. We also provide advice regarding the many contracts business owners are asked to sign; in some cases, we can negotiate more favorable terms than the ones originally presented.

Judgment backed by experience

Hulse & Wynter has deep roots in the New Jersey communities we serve. Our experience allows us to provide informed advice on how the law may be applied to each client’s business.

Good legal advice pays for itself by allowing business owners to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, without the burden of ill-considered contracts and leases, or the expense and distraction of litigation with landlords, business partners or employees. Call Hulse & Wynter today and let us show you how, or use the form below to start a conversation with us.

Business law

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