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Hulse & Wynter provides a range of legal services to assist clients with commercial and residential real estate transactions. Whether you are purchasing a new home or developing a commercial property, Hulse & Wynter can be your trusted advocate, ensuring each transaction is executed in a timely manner and to your greatest advantage.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial real estate developers depend on legal counsel to draft the documents necessary to implement their business plan, and to handle any last-minute obstacles that could delay or prevent a closing. Hulse & Wynter offers these services to our commercial real estate clients:

Negotiation and drafting: Working closely with our client, we negotiate and draft all necessary sales contracts and leases for a commercial real estate transaction.

Land use regulation. We advise and assist our client regarding all legally required zoning, land use and building permits. If necessary, we file zoning or variance applications with local land use authorities.

Boundary and Easement Disputes: We negotiate and, when necessary, litigate boundary and easement disputes.

Bulk Sales:  We obtain bulk sales clearance and/or protection for our client.

Tax Assessment Errors: We secure relief from high commercial taxes through tax assessment appeals.


Residential Real Estate Services

The purchase of a home or vacation property is often a family’s largest personal investment. For these clients, Hulse & Wynter offers the following services:

Negotiation and drafting: We review purchase offers and negotiate concessions, we suggest incentives to help close the deal, and we propose additional terms favorable to the client.

Clear title: We perform title searches and review the work of title insurance companies to ensure our clients obtain clear title to the property.

Due diligence: We analyze the transaction and flag potential problems that should be acknowledged or addressed prior to closing.

Preparation of seller deed packages: We prepare deeds and related documents on behalf of sellers for the transfer of real estate.

Representation at closing: When needed, we conduct closings, making sure that all parties receive the necessary documents, loan agreements, payment, and title insurance. We assist clients in working through any last-minute issues.


Real Estate Litigation

Hulse & Wynter’s attorneys have experience litigating a wide range of real estate disputes. We recognize that each real estate dispute has its own unique set of challenges. Whether we are exploring a creative settlement opportunity or crafting an aggressive litigation strategy, Hulse & Wynter is always focused on meeting our clients’ objectives in the most efficient, cost-effective manner available.

The following are just a few types of cases our real estate litigation attorneys are prepared to handle.

Lease disputes: When the terms of a lease contract are in dispute, or a party to a lease does not abide by the agreement, expert negotiation and a readiness to litigate are indispensable.

Boundary and easement disputes: The true boundaries of properties and easements are not always clear. Negotiating with neighbors, working with surveyors and appraisers, and filing suit may be needed.

Partition: When two or more parties own property together as tenants in common or joint tenants and cannot agree on whether to sell, this can mean litigating a court-ordered partition.

Adverse possession: Under certain circumstances, someone who occupies real estate not belonging to them can attempt to claim ownership of the property through the legal doctrine of adverse possession.

Ejectment: This refers to the removal of a person or thing occupying real estate against the wishes of the property owner.

We also handle commercial tax appeals, zoning disputes, and disputes among contractors and developers. In all cases, we stand ready to take the case to trial if a settlement that protects your property rights cannot be reached. Call Hulse & Wynter today and get the best representation for your real estate interests.

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